New members can join the club for a $275 initiation fee, $800 stock fee, and yearly dues. This summer is a great time to join to take advantage of these savings!! You eventually get this $800 back when your turn in your membership and your stock sells. 

Membership Options:

  • Family – family residing in the same household
  • Couple – two adults residing in same household
  • Senior – age 60 or older
  • Single – one adult residing in a household
  • Tennis Team Only  & Swim Team Only – limited membership, restricted access for youth on teams only, no other member privileges (ages 13-18)

If you are interested in a new membership, please fill out the application form on the right and return it to us.  Any questions please contact Stephanie Saville at: or 815-912-2999. 

Membership Update:

If you are shopping for a stock certificate outside of our membership office, please check with our Membership Board Member, Stephanie Saville,  prior to purchasing stock privately.  All stock transfers MUST go through our Membership Board Member.  

Name Changes

Any swim club member who has changed his or her name, address, telephone number or email address should notify Stephanie Saville at the above number or email.  

Emergency Information

An Emergency Medical Information form must be filled out by members and kept on file at the front desk. When you enter the club for the first time this season, you will be asked to complete the form. Members will not be permitted into the club without the completed form.

Purchasing stock outside of the club:

If you are a new member, when purchasing stock outside of the club, please reach out to Stephanie Saville to confirm the validity of the stock. *Stock becomes invalid when dues have not been paid for a season.*

Guest Information and Fees

  • Local Guests – Guests living within a 50 mile radius of Poland are charged $10.00 per visit at the door, $7.00 prepaid to your account (processing fee charged) and are limited to (6) visits per season. Guests need to be accompanied by a member.
  • Out of Town Guests – Guests who live beyond a 50 mile radius of Poland are charged $10.00 per visit at the door, $7.00 prepaid to your account (processing fee charged) when accompanied by a member.
  • House Guests – Out of town families of four or more can purchase a family guest ticket for $40.00 per week. Can be purchased online (processing fee charged) or at the door. Guests need to be accompanied by members on the days they come.
  • Local Grandchildren – Grandparents can obtain passes at the front desk. These allow each grandchild 14 visits per season with a charge of $10.00 per visit at the door, $7.00 prepaid to your account (processing fee charged). Grandparents must accompany the grandchildren at all times.
  • Reminder – In order to have a guest signed in under your membership, you must be present at the pool. Guests will not be admitted to the pool unless the member signing them in is at the pool.