Swim Suits:

To order swimsuits this year you can go to Endurance Aquatics (click the link). Please make sure you choose the blue options of the suits. Use code ‘fifteen’ for a discount and make sure you select ‘pickup’ at checkout! Your child can wear any black or Poland blue suit for meets. **The cutoff to order suits is Friday May 19th!**

Swim Team Registration:

The cost of registration is $65 per swimmer (max of $175 per family). This includes a swim t-shirt. Parents should indicate their preferred parent committee assignment on the registration form. 

The fee in lieu of volunteering at the meets and for social swim team events is $150 per kid, $200 max per family. The more volunteers we have the less times you will be needed. Remember this is a fun summer activity to keep them busy. The more you help us the better we can make it for them! 

We are in need of at least 5 officials this season! If you are interested there are some training days coming up and you will be reimbursed by the club. Let Jenn or Shannon know if you are planning to sign up.

The season will run for 7 consecutive Wednesdays starting in June and ending in July. The YSL league Relay and the Championship dates are TBD. 

If you have any questions regarding the swim team, please feel free to contact Jenn Stabi, Shannon Dudash or Stacey Listovitch. 

Parents Meeting:

The parents meeting will be Sunday June 4th at 5pm

[pdf-embedder url=”https://msessential.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/sites/216/2023/04/2023-Swim-Team-Registration.docx-1.pdf” title=”2023 Swim Team Registration.docx”]